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Are you drowning in paper work? Suffering from Excel hell or spreadsheet overload?

Are your spreadsheets big and difficult to navigate? Can they only be updated by one person at a time? Do you have lots of different copies of data or errors?

Are your legacy systems old, slow or outdated? Is it difficult to make changes? Do they constantly crash?

Let’s work together to solve all the problems which are giving you a headache – and bring your business right back into the 21st century.

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Improving efficiency & processes

We are a leading UK software development company with the sole purpose of helping to streamline business processes.

Established in 2005, our highly-skilled team of software engineers work with small independent businesses and prominent national household names across the UK.

From our head office in Hessle, just outside Hull, we design and develop intelligent systems to complement and improve existing processes. We can also identify other areas for consideration.  

Before suggesting any improvements, we conduct an extensive business analysis to fully understand existing practices. We listen carefully and only ever recommend the most appropriate technology to meet your requirements.

5 steps to success

Our approach to every project

1. Concept Review

Discussing and defining the proposed system requirements with you is essential to outline how it could function and appear, as well as potential project costs.

2. Requirements Definition

We meet up with designated users before drawing up a comprehensive list of requirements for you to evaluate, amended and ‘sign off’ ahead of the development.

3. Staged Development

Each project is broken down into different stages with various releases presented to you for evaluation and feedback, before we deliver the final overall system.

4. Implementation & Training

Having installed the software, we organise in-depth user training, including the issuing of system manuals, step-by-step software guides and more.

5. Ongoing Support

Should any issues arise, simply log the issue with our help desk and we’ll quickly arrange for a technician to offer remote assistance or set-up a site visit.

Innovative technology that’s worth your investment

Whatever the size or complexity of your business, we can design a software solution to help drive efficiency improvements.

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