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How we improved the supply chain used for wound care products

Smith & Nephew Healthcare is part of the largest medical technology company in the UK with an annual turnover in excess of $150 million. A major part of the business is Wound Management products, which are used throughout the world for assisting in the treatment of hard to heal wounds.

Critical Issue In addition to supplying some of the world’s leading wound care products, Smith & Nephew Healthcare also provide innovative value added services to its customers. One new area where it was felt that they could assist NHS Primary Care Trusts was by improving the supply chain used for wound care products. Traditionally, patients are prescribed dressings by a GP or Community Nurse and these prescriptions are fulfilled in the usual manner via a pharmacist. This can be time consuming and wasteful.


Smith & Nephew Healthcare proposed a web based ordering system to allow NHS Healthcare Professionals to order wound care products online. Intradev designed an innovative ordering and information portal that is simple to use with ‘drag and drop’ ordering, an intuitive interface and additional features such as news items, educational information and management reporting. The system is branded as ’Formeo’ with a unique identity and colour scheme.


Formeo is being rolled out to various NHS Primary Care Trusts throughout the UK. The system has helped save money for PCT’s and is making the task of managing wound care supplies more straightforward.

“Formeo has been really well received by all of the Healthcare Staff that use it and they really appreciate how easy it is to use, and how much it makes their lives easier. Intradev did a great job of designing the system, managing the project and delivering it on time.”

Deborah Vaughan, UK Brand Manager

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