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SOL Manufacturing Ltd create impressive retail, commercial and leisure spaces through the design, manufacture and installation of high-quality joinery items such as cash desks, display units, seating, etc.

The business has grown over the last fifteen years, both in terms of number of clients and the complexity of the projects undertaken.

The business needs to manage a large amount of projects and in addition to Sol’s own manufacturing facility, external suppliers of some key components also need to be co- ordinated. Sol traditionally had very manual process utilising paper records and spreadsheets. These processes were time consuming and sometimes items were missed, causing potential delays to project deliveries.


Following several requirements meetings, Intradev designed a system that allowed projects to be imported from Sol’s accounting system and for key milestones to be attributed to them. These milestones are colour co-ordinated so that progress can be easily monitored and delays managed in a controlled fashion. Transport requirements are also logged.


The easy-to-use system can be used my multiple staff simultaneously and has given much better control of the business processes. Less issues and delayed deliveries are being experienced.

The new system has made manufacture and deliveries easier to manage on a day-to-day basis.

This was made simple so that employees could access it without any issues as spreadsheets were not always practical for non-users of computer systems.

Jacqui Hunter, Finance Manager

SOL Manufacturing Ltd

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