Thompsons of York

Thompsons of York

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Thompsons of York are part of the Brandsby's Agricultural Trading Association (BATA) Group

They are a major producer of animal feeds working with nutritional experts to develop and produce bespoke feeds for different types of livestock. The main feed mill just outside York, used a legacy web application that had been originally developed more than 20 years previously to track production batches and transport.

The original developer was no longer available, and various issues with the system crashing were being encountered on a regular basis. Intradev were contacted by Thompson’s IT Support company to see if they would be able to support the legacy application while the business considered the future of the system.


Intradev took over support for the legacy system and kept it running for Thompsons and responded to a variety of issues. During this period the management decided to replace the system with a modern, improved version and engaged Intradev to carry out the development. Intradev designed a brand new system with an up to date interface with various improvements over the legacy system.


The new system is stable and reliable and replaces the functionality of the old legacy system. The staff using the system having given good feedback about it and it is proving more reliable moving forward.

Intradev have helped move us onto a more up to date internal site, allowing users to have a better view of each stage of the manufacturing process and improved traceability. Their communication is excellent, they are always quick to respond to any queries we have or any changes we request on the system.

Overall, we are happy with the service that Intradev provides, and the final product that is used extensively by users from all areas of the business.

Joel Wilson, IT Support and Business Process Analyst, BATA Ltd

Thompsons of York

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